Interview: Coin


On February 4th, Nashville’s emerging indie artist, Coin, played an explosive show at the renowned Black Cat in Washington, D.C. The energy, stage presence, and booming sound locked in the sold out crowd. Afterwards, we caught up with them to discuss their new track Run, summer 2015, and working with a Grammy nominated producer.

Coin:  Ryan Winnen, Chase Lawrence, Zach Dyke, Joe Memmel

(Conducted by: Brendan Oster)

Me: Where are you all from and how long have you been playing together?

Chase: We are from Nashville, Tennessee. As this band we are coming up on about 2 and half years. But the work in my head has been about 3.

Me: You guys proclaim yourselves as a product of the 90s. What does that mean?

Chase: We are literally made in the 90s.
Ryan: We are born in 1991 and 1992.
Chase: It’s not a regurgitation of a fad; it’s literally when we were created. This band is about youth and who we were younger; we want to experience that again so its about reliving our childhood essentially; And so, we want live that on stage.

Me: The song run was released a week ago and a day ago. Over 70,000 plays on Soundcloud alone. How are you feeling about that and did you expect anything like this?

Chase: We had no idea. It’s surreal. I would have been excited for 10,000. Its been one of the best weeks of my life.
Ryan: This whole time on the road together has been amazing. And together, seeing what the song is doing has been amazing.

Me: What’s on tap for the summer 2015?

Chase: EP comes out February 24. Full album out between May and June. The Run music video will be out in a couple weeks.
Ryan: We shot it in Atlanta. It was freezing.
Me: In Atlanta?
Joe: It was 25 degrees and took us a week to get over it. We are all sick.
Ryan: Also, we will be at South by Southwest. And we are playing a music festival that we are not allowed to reveal yet. Then touring, touring, and touring.

Me: What is your favorite food?

Chase: Sriracha. Sriracha on anything.
Ryan: Eggs and avocado.
Zach: Anything breakfast.

Me: What was it like working with a Grammy nominated producer, Jay Joyce?

Chase: Well, the record is done and it was awesome.
Zach: It was very surreal.
Chase: He thinks of things that my mind will never do, but hopefully someday will. He sees the end before the beginning.
Ryan: His studio is the most ridiculous studio ever.
Zach: The studio is a church. He bought at a church and turned it into a recording studio.
Joe: It’s freaking huge; a 14,000 square foot church.
Ryan: And that was our playground for a month.

Me: We love the song Run. What’s the meaning and inspiration behind this track?

Chase: It’s just about trying to figure out growing up.
Joe: It’s what we are doing now.
Chase: Trying to convince ourselves that were not naïve. Cause we have been promised something and convinced ourselves that playing music for a living is a reality.
Joe: And feasible.
Chase: Which is totally ridiculous if you think about it; because so many people try to do this for a living. The song is about trying to convince yourself that your dream isn’t naïve.

Me: Guys, thank you all so much. Appreciate you all taking time to sit down to talk to me for a few minutes

Everyone: Your welcome, thank you man.

SynthPop Rocks would like to give one more thanks to the members of Coin – Chase Lawrence, Ryan Winnen, Zach Dyke, Joe Memmel for the interview and being just plain awesome.

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  1. Quinn

    These guys are the coolest. Really glad to see them starting to get the attention they deserve. I definitely recommend listening to the new EP if you haven’t already:


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