Sleeplust Premiers Their Self-Titled Debut EP


Sleeplust caught our attention months ago with the tracks Lone Black, Over It Now, and more recently, the Moontide and In The Water. The talented Los Angles electronic indie pop trio has collaborated all their singles to bring us the “Sleeplust EP.” The track opens with their debut single, Lies, which showcases the mesmerizing, beautiful, heavenly vocals from Meghan Tartamella. The EP then progresses into their most soulful and booming electro pop track, Deep Nights. The next two tracks are our first loves – Over It Now and Lone Black. Second to last is one their most recent releases, Moontide. The chorus is absolutely infectious and is one of the more upbeat tracks from Sleeplust. The EP concludes with a slowtempo, heartfelt, soft and gentle track In The Water. Its a lightning bolt that will strike your heart and soul. Overall, we love this EP and give it an overall ranking of 4.5/5.

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